Our Mission

Our mission is to provide legal support services to create the ultimate law firm growth system by providing tools and automation to build a solid reputation, strengthen open communication, and grow trust with clients and potential clients.

I’m Chris Lyle and I took my own firm from zero to thriving in a few short years.

I did it by developing a proven automated system that helps maximize the value of your marketing budget by turning more leads into clients. And, this is important, the system freed me and my partner to take care of existing clients while creating plenty of new opportunities.

We started our law firm, Visionary Law Group LLP, back in 2016 and quickly recognized the tremendous amount of effort it was going to take to win and retain new clients. We tried a few digital marketing firms, but they were a disaster and never delivered on their promises. We knew there had to be a better way and that we needed to quickly figure out what it was.

Being a “technology geek,” I began working on a solution. I developed an automated client building system that took the practice from five to 320 new clients in three years.

Through that process, my partner and I realized that reputation, open communication, and trust are the driving factors for law firm success. LawHustle embodies these three essential core values.

Using our original system as a foundation, the LawHustle system gives you access to the same tools that allowed us to accelerate law firm growth.


As an attorney, your reputation is your most important asset. To maximize and utilize your reputation in this digital age, you’ve got to go where your clients are: online.

Open Communication

By providing your clients and potential clients an open communication channel with direct access to you, you build up your reputation and trust. To maintain your relationships, you need to effectively manage calls, texts and messages.


Trust is earned every time you follow through, every time you do what you say you will do, every time you demonstrate to your clients that they are #1.

Now there is a simple way to manage communication, build your reputation and increase trust among your clients and potential clients. It’s LawHustle.

LawHustle is more than just a CRM, it’s the #1 Law Firm Growth System designed and built by attorneys for attorneys for faster and easier growth.

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